How to wear long hair at the gym?

Gymnasiums and fitness studios have become places where people started to produce more: there are training clothes with fabrics that do not neglect style and comfort, sneakers that follow the latest trends and ideal hair for each type of training. You can also wear long hair at the gym.

The hairstyle has an important space in this scenario, as it cannot hinder your exercise and there are creative ways to obtain a stylish result. Find below perfect ideas to style hair for workout.

Training with loose hair can be harmful to hair health, diva! You can super understand that some girls prefer to leave their locks loose to perform the exercises, however sweat helps to dry the hair and increases the presence of frizz in all types of hair. Therefore, the ideal is to bet on hairstyles that leave the hair well away from the nape, neck and shoulders, areas that are within reach of the hair and sweat more easily.

Braids are versatile and guarantee the style in the academy

The perfect hairstyle to escape the heat during the summer can and should! be used in the gym’s daily routine. From the built-in braid to the side braid, all models help to remove the strands from your face during training.

hair for workout

Half bun is the fashionist hairstyle that has conquered space in the academy

Despite being a semi-preppy hairstyle, where part of the hair is loose and exposed to sweat, the half bun is one of the favorite hairstyles of bloggers and has influenced your daily life. The tip is to leave most of the hair stuck and, as a precaution, always carry an elastic band in your hands in case you decide to make the good old ponytail.

Horse rabbit is the preferred alternative for divas who love to go to the academy

There’s no way: the ponytail is the timeless hairstyle that suits all ages and styles. In addition to never letting go, the use of gelatin mix in the ponytail still helps to deal with that unwanted frizz that always appears during training.