Do you need to wash your hair after swimming?

Washing your hair after having gone to the beach or pool is completely different from the hygiene that you can have the rest of the time. Generally, the ideal is to wash your hair after swimming, it is best to always rinse it, because traces of salt, chlorine or sand remain between the strands, which can damage the color, strength, shine and general health of the mane.

Why it is important to take into account some tips to wash your hair after the beach or pool, avoiding the following mistakes. Below are the washing hair tips after swimming pool.


How to wash your hair after the beach with the correct temperature?

It is best to use warm water, that is, hot enough to remove fat, but not so much as to damage the hair, much more if it is summer, since feeling the water at a cool temperature is more pleasant. The reality is that hot water irritates the scalp and dissolves the lipids that coat the cuticles, making the hair coarser and matte, which is not the case with cold water. But you also have to take into account that it is less effective than warm water in removing fat.

When washing hair, massage gently

Performing intense massages when applying the shampoo can cause the sebaceous glands, which cause oil to activate. That is why it is important to wash with circular movements, first the scalp with shampoo, gently.

The middle and lower areas can be washed with the foam that falls, rubbing in the direction that the hair grows and not against it.

Never air dry

After washing your hair, it is better to avoid drying it in the open air, as it “loses strength, elasticity and cohesion.” “For drying the hair, the perfect is doing it with a 15 cm dryer from the head with a not too extended exposure and with no heat

Never sleep with wet hair

In addition to thoroughly shampooing and conditioning your hair while in the shower, it’s important to let your hair completely dry before bed. If you washed it in the last hours of the day, wait to remove all the moisture before going to bed.