Benefits of yoga exercises for back pain

The spine is the most vulnerable part of the body of a modern person, suffering from a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight and environmental pollution. In this case, painful changes occur not only in parallel with aging, intervertebral hernias and ostechondrosis can form from injuries and physical exertion. Exercises for the flexibility of the back and the formation of correct posture – a basic requirement of a healthy body, become especially important when the first symptoms appear – pain and stiffness in movements, which can be overcome with the help of yoga therapy of the spine. Below are the benefits of yoga exercises for back pain.

Exercise 1. Lie on your back on a sports mat exactly along it, legs bent at the knees, put on a stool, chair or bed, spread your knees at a comfortable distance and cross your feet. Relaxation of the sacroiliac muscles and their ligaments significantly reduces pain. After resting, you can start breathing with your stomach: inhaling slowly, inflate your stomach, gently pull in on a slow exhalation.

Make sure that the chest does not rise on inhalation. To do this, you can hug yourself by the shoulders with your arms, crossing them. Perform belly breathing as much as muscle strength allows, with rest breaks. If necessary, empty the bladder and intestines, as abdominal breathing activates their work, helps relieve swelling and inflammation from spasmodic muscles and improves nutrition of damaged intervertebral cartilage and stretched ligaments.

Exercise 2. As the condition improves, lying on your back and resting your palms on the floor next to the buttocks, gently “raise” your head, stretching along the floor.

back pain

Exercise 3. After a day or two, add a new movement: lift off the chair and stretch one and then the other half-bent leg in a comfortable direction for you.

Exercise 4. If during exercise 3 the position on the back no longer causes pain, you can complicate the exercise: lying on the floor, in turn, stretch your leg, arm in different directions, stretching the body diagonally.

Exercise 5. As soon as the condition allows, perform similar movements, lying on your stomach. Religiously follow these yoga poses for back pain.