5 simple ideas how to style long hair for yoga exercising

To start or end the day, yoga practice is a tool to find a balance between body and mind. On days when you spend a lot of time sitting, this discipline helps us strengthen muscles, increases flexibility, improves breathing and relieves pain, among other benefits. As always, you think of the best version to style long hair for yoga exercising for your daily activities and here is a gallery of hairstyles to do yoga.

Hairstyles ideas for yoga

Tousled chignons, the ultimate in sporty hairstyles!

This hairstyle use to be very easy for doing and, furthermore, it happens to be perfect for practicing exercises such as Pilates or yoga without disturbing your hair. It’s very simple! You just have to brush your hair and collect it with a rubber band, fixing it perfectly. Wind your hair around the attachment point, with bobby pins if necessary. You can also use a non-slip headband if you have some unruly hairs. The hairspray is perfect for a better hold! In addition, the bow is very advisable because it helps to check if the position of your neck is correct.

High ponytails are a safe bet

If you prefer not to collect your hair in full, you can always make a high tail to show off your hair. With this look, you will also be very comfortable. This hairstyle is the most suitable if you have a great hair!

sporty hairstylesBraids never fail!

If you have a large volume of hair, a high braid, for example, a boxer braid, will look great on you, as well as being a comfortable and flexible yoga practise hairstyles. Of course, when picking up the braid, choose a thin rubber because, if it is thicker, it will hit you on the back and you will be more uncomfortable.

You can also dare with lopsided braids, a very manageable hairstyle and suitable to endure the entire yoga class. It is important to note that with the braid, the hair does not get tangled! A plus in your favor!