What are the best vitamins and minerals for hair loss?

Hair loss can have many causes, including nutritional deficiencies. Here nutrients can play an important role in the fight against baldness. But how good are these remedies and do they offer a satisfactory result? What to do if you have advanced alopecia aerate? Find out in this article what vitamins can really do for your hair.

The importance of healthy eating

Vitamins against Hair Loss – Nutrients

A lack of nutrients not only harms your body, but also your hair. It is therefore interesting to be able to answer the question “Which vitamins help against baldness. What is certain is that hair needs certain “additions” to grow well. They are as follows:

  • Minerals
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins B, C, H.

healthy eating

Vitamins to strengthen your hair – know how to start early

Those who suffer from inherited alopecia often forget that a healthy lifestyle also benefits the hair. Lack of necessary nutrients, healthy hair growth and a corresponding lifespan of hair are not necessarily indicated.

In some circumstances, the roots of the hair cannot anchor itself firmly enough in the scalp. Therefore, it is advisable to quickly adopt a balanced diet rich in vitamins.

Because 80% of hair is constantly growing. The body needs to produce enough keratin. This production must be supported by a mixture of best vitamins and minerals for hair loss.

Is Vitamin C Effective Against Hair Loss?

Everyone knows vitamin C Important for the immune system, it is one of the pillars of health. A sufficient amount of vitamin C in the body contributes to the formation of hair follicles.

Fruits, particularly citrus fruits, use to be rich in vitamin C. It is also found in vegetables and peppers and is often eaten.

And choose well what you eat

hair growth

Foods rich in B vitamins. You know, that kind of that use to help stiffen the follicles, you will be able to find them in dairy, eggs, seafood, whole grains and vegetables.

Foods with zinc, iron and copper. Fish, red meat and oats, for example, cannot be missing from your fridge and pantry.


Vitamins can help against hair loss, but only conditionally. To conclude, it can be said that there are some useful hair growth vitamins, but these can only partially be considered as a solution. For example, those who suffer from very advanced baldness are more likely to resort to other treatments such as hair implant in Turkey or pigmentation.