Simple short hair hairstyles for running

During strenuous sports training, nothing should be distracting. Clothes need to be fit flawlessly and not delay movement. Even the temperature in the room and the mood with which you came are important. Even if all of the above is perfect, your workout can be ruined by hair that sticks in your eyes or sticks to your back. Therefore, it is important to choose such hairstyles for sports for short, medium or long hair that will not interfere with you.

There are a huge number of beautiful fitness hairstyles for any hair length. True, all sports hairstyles look better on clean hair. If you don’t feel like washing your hair before going to the gym, use dry shampoo. This way, you come to your workout with a neat styling, and you can give your hair a fresh look after exercise.

sports hairstyle

Short hair is most convenient for training; however, it must be styled so as not to be distracted during training. Hair styling with gel

If the hair is short, it is worth combing it back a little and fixing it in this form. To keep your simple short hair hairstyles for running lasting as long as possible, try applying Pure Line Natural Shine Styling Varnish to your strands. The product will give the hair a shine, and the clover extract included in it cares for them and moisturizes.

High bun of braids

This is not a classic high bun, but a variation of it, based on pigtails tightly braided from the base of the hair. The ends of the braids remain loose and secured with a volumizer. Therefore, even if you have very short hair, this kind of short hair sporty hairstyles will be very lush.

Sports hairstyle with a rim

If you don’t have time to weave braids, as in the previous version, you can use a headband and or a special sports elastic hair band. They push the hair back, create a beautiful volume and protect you from strands falling into your eyes.